講師紹介 ジュリ先生

Primary Head Teacher

I am extremely blessed to be able to do what I love , and that is to discover the endless possibilities of each children’s ability to learn and grow. My goal as a teacher is to never get stagnant, to continuously grow and improve in order to provide the best quality lesson for the students. No matter how small a part I may play , I am honored to be a part in your children’s future.
講師紹介 ジュリアン先生

Secondary Head Teacher

Hi guys! Thank you for taking the time to give our school a look. Here at Minimax we like to make learning English fun and try to inspire in our students a commitment to excellence inside and outside the classroom. I enjoy teaching children English with all my heart and feel honored to play a small role in their growth. So if you’re looking for a fun environment for your son or daughter to learn English, please give our school a try!
講師紹介 石田 季美恵先生

Zero class Manager

Hello. I’m Kimie. Teaching English in Minimax brings me joy and laughter. I am always amazed at how much the children are able to learn.
In Minimax, the children are able to experience the joy and feeling of personal success for doing their best. I believe those experiences will benefit them not only for improving their English skills, but also for their future endeavors.
I am looking forward to teaching many more children and seeing their growth in Minimax.
講師紹介 タビッシュ先生


Hello, I have been a teacher in MiniMax for quite some time now and I feel so blessed to be a part of this team and work environment. Every student is special to me, and the memories we have created together are my most precious treasures. I hope to make more great memories and aim to make MiniMax a second home for our students.
講師紹介 エイモス先生


I`m Amos. I love children and have been teaching them English since I came to Japan, four years ago. I love working at MiniMax because children improve their English skills quickly and it gives me a sense of satisfaction.
講師紹介 リワ先生


Hi! I’m Riwa.
Teaching makes me feel happy and I enjoy watching students eagerly learning to reach their English goals.
I feel very lucky to witness their potential and I feel that there is nothing more rewarding than helping and seeing the kids grow up in a fun and friendly environment which is offered here at Minimax.
If you are looking for the best English environment for your child, you are at the right place.


Hello, I’m Gary from Tennessee, USA. I have been teaching at MiniMax since the start of 2016. I have always enjoyed teaching, and I appreciate the opportunity I’ve been given to teach English to children here at Minimax. I want to provide a fun environment to learn and give my students a strong foundation of English skills that will help them in their future studies.


Hi everyone! My name is Michael and I’m from Milton Keynes in England.
Teaching the students here at Minimax is a very enjoyable and rewarding experience. My passion is to help each student by breaking down more complicated English phrases and words into bite size chuncks that they can understand and use immediately. Seeing the students grow and learn new words daily puts a big smile on my face!


Hello, My name is Jonathan and I`m from America. I`m also the new guy here at MiniMax. I like to think of myself as a big kid at heart so I enjoy teaching and helping children whenever I can. Iappreciate the opportunity I have here at Minimax to grow as a person and a teacher. I look forward to providing a fun learning environment to all students who come to MiniMax.


Hello! I'm Maggie and I am from Japan, but I also lived in the US for 18 years (Alaska and Montana). I enjoy teaching children because I love seeing the light bulb go off in their heads and it gives me great joy and sense of accomplishment. They surprise me everyday and MiniMax is a fun environment to work in.
講師紹介 ヒロ先生


Hello! My name is Hiro and I'm from Miami, Florida. I'm a fourth generation American, and grew up in a very international setting. Language can be a bridge between cultures, and it's my life goal to help others build that bridge. I've been teaching English in Japan for 5 years now, and am very happy to have the opportunity to help children with their language goals here at Minimax. Thank you!
講師紹介 ダナ先生


Hello my name is Dana and I am from Romania. I’ve been teaching English in Japan for 1 year now. Also, I’ve been teaching English in Romania as a volunteer teacher. I love children and I want to make them learn that one language sets you in a corridor for life, and two languages open every door along the way. Thank you!
講師紹介 カミール先生


Hello everyone, nice to meet you! My name is Camille I’m French and I’m 24 years old. I’ve been living in Japan for one year and I speak Japanese! My hobbies are drawing, fashion and wandering around in Tokyo with my friends! I also love discovering retro cafes! Let’s have fun learning English together!
講師紹介 ラバ二ー先生


Hi everyone!
My name is Love and I am from the Philippines. When I first arrived in Japan I worked in the corporate industry and did English tutorials on the side. As the years went on i developed a passion for teaching and decided to teach full-time. Now I find a new sense of fulfillment when I'm surrounded with children who enjoy learning English. I want to help boost their confidence, creativity, and optimism. I am very grateful that I am part of the Minimax family. I will do my best to exceed my students' expectations and touch the lives of the children entrusted to my care.
講師紹介 ザク先生


Hi my name is Zak from beachside Gold Coast in Australia. I am now the newest and youngest member of the Minimax team. I hope to bring an enthusiastic spirit to every lesson, ensuring the children learn in the most enjoyable and fun way. I hope that the kids will learn as much as they can during my teaching time here, and I feel extremely privileged to be able to work in an overseas country and learn about a new culture.
講師紹介 ペトラ先生


Hey everyone! My name is Petra and I am from Slovakia!
I used to live in Shimane prefecture when I was in high school!
I came back to Japan a little bit over 2 years ago and have been teaching English since then.
I love children very much so I feel very privileged that I got the chance to start teaching here at Minimax.
I enjoy every single lesson here, and my goal is to provide a learning environment filled with lots of fun J
The students here at Minimax surprise me every day in the best way possible.
Let’s have lots of fun together.
講師紹介 ポペット先生


Hello! I'm Poppet and I'm from the Philippines. After college and before that, my exposure to work had always been around business, banking, finance and the corporate world. That is why it is a big surprise even to myself that I have come to appreciate teaching. I am grateful to school's like Minimax who give a break to new teachers like myself who discovered their passion for teaching at a later age. I am looking forward to meeting and teaching bright and enthusiastic students in the days to come!
講師紹介 ムスタファ先生


Hi, I’m Mustafa. I am very happy that I got an opportunity to teach Mathematics at Minimax. I like to create fun and stimulating learning environment. It is my responsibility to foster’s the children interest to learn and put 100% into their work, to recognize both their successes and failures. I am firm believer that for being an effective teacher one should be a good friend of students. So I always try to become their friends.
講師紹介 スレカ先生


Hello, I am Surekha and I am from India. I came to Japan 4 years ago. I am very happy to be a part of MINIMAX. Everyone is very friendly here and the children are so adorable. Teaching math is a lot of fun but teaching math in Minimax is just great.
講師紹介 シュレヤス先生


Hi, I'm Shreyas Bharule from India. I came to Japan almost a year ago and it has been amazing. I'm a Ph.D. student at University of Tokyo (TODAI) and I love mathematics. I enjoy making learning fun for students and Minimax is a wonderful place to be.
木内麻菜美 (日本人スタッフ)